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StatementM. W. Hyer, E. C. Klang.
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ContributionsKlang, E. C., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Engineering., Langley Research Center. Applied Materials Branch.
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The extent of the contact region is unknown and the half contact arc is denoted as Due to friction Fig. Geometry and coordinate systems used in analysis.

+X +5 Fig. Definition of clearance, \, and pin displacement, 8. Contact stresses in pin-loaded orthotropic plates within the contact arc, there is a region of slip and a region of no Cited by: Get this from a library. Contact stresses in pin-loaded orthotropic plates.

[M W Hyer; E C Klang; Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. College of Engineering.; Langley Research Center. Applied Materials Branch.]. The stresses in transparent glass-epoxy plates loaded by a steel pin through a hole were determined experimentally using photoelasticity.

The paper presents the stresses around the hole edge, acros Cited by: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite Reston, VA @inproceedings{EchavarraSTRESSDA, title={STRESS DISTRIBUTION AROUND A PIN-LOADED HOLE IN AN ELASTICALLY ORTHOTROPIC PLATE}, author={C.

Echavarr{\'i}a}, year={} } C. Echavarría Published The use of self-tapping screws with continuous threads in the joint area as a reinforcement to avoid.

An analytical solution for determining the stresses in pin loaded orthotropic plates is presented using Lekhnitskii's complex stress function approach which satisfies the displacement boundary conditions along the contact zone of the hole contour. The method is established on the notion that the contact boundary at the pin-plate interface of the loaded plate is unknown a priori and must be.

To suggest a method to predict the stress concentration factor near loaded hole contacting with the bolt in the monolayer of orthotropic composite material to be independent of difficult calculations. Determination of Contact Stress Distribution in Pin Loaded Orthotropic Plates 1.

Determination of Contact Stress Distribution in Pin Loaded Orthotropic Plates Neville A. Tomlinson Department of Mechanical Engineering Howard University Washington D C December 2. Book Description. Developed with stress analysts handling multidisciplinary subjects in mind, and written to provide the theories needed for problem solving and stress analysis on structural systems, Essentials of Mechanical Stress Analysis presents a variety of relevant topics—normally offered as individual course topics—that are crucial for carrying out the analysis of structures.

These contact stresses are called Hertz contact stresses, which was first studies by Hertz in The Hertz contact stress usually refers to the stress close to the area of contact between two spheres of different radii. After Hertz’s work, people do a lot of study on the stresses arising from the contact between two elastic bodies.

7. Conti, Paolo, Influence of geometric parameters on the stress distribution around a pin-loaded hole in a composite laminate, Composites Science and Technology, 25 () 8. de Jong, Theo, Stresses around pin-loaded holes in elasticity orthotropic or isotropic plates, Journal of Composite Materials, 11 () 9.

In this thesis a method is presented for the calculation of stresses in an anisotropic plate with a row of equally spaced, pin-loaded holes. The pinplate configuration represents a joint in a composite laminate where load is transferred from a row of bolts or rivets into the laminate.

The method of solution is based on Lekhnitskii's theory of complex variable functions. in-plane shear stress resultants; and Qx and Qy are transverse shear stress resultants.

Loads on the plate in the x- y- and z -directions are denoted by px, py, and pz in Fig. See Force resultants acting on a two-dimensional plate element These are the external forces acting on the plate at a given point. EFFECT OF FRICTION ON CONTACT STRESS DISTRIBUTION IN PIN LOADED ORTHOTROPIC PLATES H.A.

Whitworth* and N. Tomlinson+ *Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Architecture & Computer Sciences, Howard University, Washington, D.C. +CH-IV International, Hanover, Maryland, Abstract. Hyer, MW and Klang, EC () Contact Stresses in Pin-Loaded Orthotropic Plates. Int J Solids and Structures – CrossRef zbMATH Google Scholar Pih, H and Knight CE () Photoelastic Analysis of Anisotropic Fiber-Reinforced Composites.

Stresses were calculated for orthotropic laminate plate loaded by a frictionless pin in a circular hole of the same diameter. These calculations were based on finite-element analysis for five laminates; 00, [±]s, [00/]s,[00/±]s, and quasi-isotropic [00/±/]s.

stress distribution, based on nominal bearing stress, were determined for wide ranges of the ratios of width to. de Jong, "Stresses around a hole in an elastically orthotropic or isotropic plate loaded through a pin which moves without friction in the hole (in Dutch)," Rep.

LR, Aerospace Dept., Delft University of Technology, July   The effects of pin elasticity, friction, and clearance on the stresses near the hole in a pin-loaded orthotropic plate are described. The problem is modeled as a contact elasticity problem using complex variable theory, the pin and the plate being two elastic bodies interacting through contact.

"The effects of pin elasticity, clearance, and friction on the stresses in a pin loaded orthotropic plate are studied. The effects are studied by posing the problem as a planar contact elasticity problem, the pin and the plate being two elastic bodies which interact through contact.

Abstract. The effects of pin elasticity, friction, and clearance on the stresses near the hole in a pin-loaded orthotropic plate are described. The problem is modeled as a contact elasticity problem using complex variable theory, the pin and the plate being two elastic bodies interacting through contact.

Pin-loaded holes commonly occur in engineering structures. However, accurate analysis of such holes presents formidable difficulties because of the load-dependent contact of the pin with the plate.

Significant progress has recently been achieved in the analysis of holes in isotropic plates. This paper develops a simple and accurate method for the partial contact analysis of pin-loaded holes in. STRENGTH CRITERIA FOR ORTHOTROPIC LAMINA BIBLIOGTAPHY EXERCISES.

Chapter - 7: Laminated Composite Beams and Plates INTRODUCTION THIN LAMINATED PLATE THEORY BENDING OF LAMINATED PLATES Specially Orthotropic Plate Antisymmetric Cross-ply Laminated Plate Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminated Plate.

The fundamental part of a dowel-type connection is the embedment of a steel dowel into the timber that surrounds it, and the stiffness of the timber in embedment is represented by the foundation modulus. A standard experimental method for identifying the foundation modulus under static load is modified to assess the secant stiffness exhibited under one-sided cyclic load.

Aluko, O., and Whitworth, H. "Contact Stress Analysis Around Elliptic Pin-Loaded Holes in Orthotropic Plates." Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. Volume 9: Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

November 12–18, pp. ASME. Contact stresses in pin-loaded isotropic and composite plates were determined using experimental and numerical methods.

State-of-the-art moire interferometry techniques were used in the experimental program which needed much refinement before satisfactory results were obtained. These refinements or, rather, innovations appear to be, in themselves.

Effect of Longitudinal Stresses. Ultimate Strength of Bars in Torsion. Torsion of Curved Bars. Helical Springs. Tables. References.

Chapter11 FlatPlates Common Case. Bending of Uniform-Thickness Plates with Circular Boundaries. Circular-Plate Deflection due to Shear.

Bimetallic Plates. Nonuniform Loading of Circular Plates. Circular Plates. Stress distribution around a hole in orthotropic and isotropic plates under bolt loading Tatsuo Ogasa Industrial Products Research Institute, Higashi, TsukubaJapan, Hitoshi Yoshida Industrial Products Research Institute, Higashi, TsukubaJapan & Takashi Akasaka Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, Results for stress concentration in short members for isotropic plates with centered circular holes have been reported in the literature.

More recently the influence of length for orthotropic holed plates has been examined and published as well. However, important aspects of stress considerations were missing such as the influence of load direction vs.

material orientation which happens to. Aluko, O., Whitworth, H. A., and Owolabi, G. "Effect of Friction on Contact Stress Distribution in Pin-Loaded Orthotropic Plates." Proceedings of the ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. The stress distribution in pin-loaded orthotropic plates The performance of mechanically fastened composite joints was studied.

Specially, a single-bolt connector was modeled as a pin-loaded, infinite plate. The model that was developed used two dimensional, complex variable, elasticity techniques combined with a boundary collocation procedure to produce solutions for the problem.

The Finite Element Method, shortly FEM, is a widely used computational tool in structural engineering. For basic design purposes it usually suf ces to apply a linear-elastic analysis. Only for special structures and for forensic investigations the analyst need to apply more advanced features like.

Using field monitoring and finite-element analysis (FEA), this paper presents the results of an investigation on stress behavior and fatigue life estimation of fatigue-prone details on an orthotropic steel deck (OSD) with the ultrahigh-performance concrete (UHPC)-deck plate composite system.

Stress components in physically orthotropic plates For brevity, we will limit ourselves to the most frequent examples with the coordinate axes (x and y) put into the axes of orthotropy.

This approach is generally recommended, as it simplifies the notation. Simulated wheel load of trucks was placed on the deck at various locations along longitudinal stiffening ribs of trapezoidal shape. The loads induced local stresses and local bending of diaphragm web plates and rib walls.

The local stresses were moderately high. The problem of estimating the bending stress distribution in the neighborhood of a crack located on a single line in an orthotropic elastic plate of constant thickness subjected to out-of-plane.

[9,10] also showed the simultaneous influence of friction and load direction on the stresses in orthotropic plates with a single pin- loaded hole. Hyer and Klang [12] modeled the pin and its interac- tion with the hole by including pin-elasticity.

They showed that pin-elasticity is rather unimportant in stress prediction compared to clearance, friction and elastic properties of the plate. The determination of the stress distribution around Pin-Loaded Holes in Mechanically Fastened Joints is presented to the Engineering Department, University of.

The book presents the theory and applications of the analytical techniques used in finding stresses in highway and other bridge decks. Current trends in bridge design and construction are discussed and are followed by the various analytical methods.

The plate method is dealt with, initially by the basic derivation and solution of the plate. De Jong gives one approach to the analytical solution of stresses around a pin-loaded hole in an orthotropic plate. Zhang and Ueng [ 3 ] also studied the stress distribution around a pin-loaded hole.

In their study, displacement fields satisfying the required conditions were first postulated. Title: Stresses around pin-loaded holes in elastically orthotropic plates with arbitrary load direction: Published in: Delft University of Technology, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Report LR. reports the bending moments for plates and not bending stresses.

However one can find the bending stress without much effort from the data available. First one has to pick a plate close to where the stress is required.

Mx (or My) moments are reported as part of the Plate Center Stress table within the Plate page in the Postprocessing. In this study, we analyze the influence of initial stress and some other parameters in a system comprising a pre-stretched anisotropic plate with finite length which is on a rigid foundation.

We assume that the plate-strip is made up of an orthotropic material. We develop finite element modelling for the given problem.eCutout© calculates the full field stresses and strains for either an isotropic, orthotropic, or anisotropic material with an elliptical or circular cutout.

eCutout© uses the Lekhnitskii solution (complex variable theory) as described in the book.

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